Mark Indigo Music

Mark Indigo Music
Mark Indigo
Eigen naam
Mark den Breeje
Uitgebreide omschrijving

Multi-instrumentalist Mark den Breeje brings music straight from the heart with a wide variety of acoustic instruments, rhythms, influences, styles and live looping and improvised music being created in the moment. The music of his didgeridoo, guitar, voice and percussion will lift your spirits up and put your feet back on the ground at the same time. His music is described as an eclectic mix of African, Irish, South American and Australian music, shamanic and tribe music, blues, jazz and modern (pop) music and artists like Xavier Rudd, Habib Koité and Omnia. Nevertheless he sounds very much like himself. Music made for listening, dancing, recognizing, remembering what you already are and – connecting.

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  • Mark Indigo Music
  • Mark Indigo Music

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